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List Price:$4,998
Special Price:$3,650
You Save:$1,348
Length: 20 ft.
Stock No: 21155
Price:$4,998 Special Price:$3,650 Your Savings:$1,348
List Price:$6,998
Special Price:$4,788
You Save:$2,210
Length: 19 ft.
Slideout: 1
Stock No: 21141

Not very nice but its cheap. It has a lot of delamination and it currently and has previously leaked. There is lots of seem tape on every corner. The slide ...view more details

Price:$6,998 Special Price:$4,788 Your Savings:$2,210
List Price:$7,998
Special Price:$5,488
You Save:$2,510
Length: 21 ft.
Stock No: 21216
Price:$7,998 Special Price:$5,488 Your Savings:$2,510
List Price:$13,998
Special Price:$11,888
You Save:$2,110
Length: 17 ft.
Height: 9ft 2in ft. high
Width: 7ft 6in ft
Weight: 2810 lbs.
Stock No: 21130
Price:$13,998 Special Price:$11,888 Your Savings:$2,110
List Price:$14,998
Special Price:$12,500
You Save:$2,498
Stock No: 21171
Price:$14,998 Special Price:$12,500 Your Savings:$2,498
List Price:$14,998
Special Price:$11,888
You Save:$3,110
Length: 25 ft.
Width: 8 ft
Slideout: 1
Stock No: 21099
Price:$14,998 Special Price:$11,888 Your Savings:$3,110
List Price:$17,998
Special Price:$14,888
You Save:$3,110
Length: 18 ft.
Stock No: 21102
Price:$17,998 Special Price:$14,888 Your Savings:$3,110
List Price:$18,998
Special Price:$15,888
You Save:$3,110
Length: 23 ft.
Width: 8ft ft
Stock No: 21151
Price:$18,998 Special Price:$15,888 Your Savings:$3,110
List Price:$19,998
Special Price:$17,500
You Save:$2,498
Length: 32 ft.
Height: 11ft 10in ft. high
Width: 102in ft
Weight: 16000 lbs.
Mileage: 46,668
Stock No: 20996
Price:$19,998 Special Price:$17,500 Your Savings:$2,498
List Price:$19,998
Special Price:$17,888
You Save:$2,110
Length: 28 ft.
Width: 8 ft
Slideout: 1
Stock No: 21201
Price:$19,998 Special Price:$17,888 Your Savings:$2,110

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